Huttenlocher, Anna

Cell migration and chemotaxis, adhesive mechanisms that regulate cell migration and the role of integrin signaling

Iyer, Gopal

1. Genomics and Molecular Imaging of Lung-Brain Metastasis
2. Defining the functional significance of bromodomain containing proteins in pan-cancer studies.

Kang, Junsu

The capacity for complex tissue regeneration is unevenly distributed across species. Unlike human, zebrafish possess a remarkable potential to regenerate tissues such as amputated appendages and damaged heart muscles. Interest of my laboratory is to understand how and what genetic and epigenetic factors control tissue regeneration using adult zebrafish as a model system.

Kenney, Shannon

Understanding the molecular regulation and pathogenesis of the human herpesvirus; Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)

Kimple, Michelle

Guanine Nucleotide Binding Proteins, pancreatic beta-cell biology, insulin secretion, diabetes pathophysiology

Klein, Bruce

The Klein laboratory is a molecular medical mycology research group with two broad areas of focus: fungal pathogenesis and immunology.