Trainees will be expected to have in-depth knowledge of cellular and molecular biology and pathology. Courses are chosen to provide each student with a background in the four focus group areas and in basic areas of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and genetics in preparation for in-depth study of the cellular and molecular pathogenesis of disease.

Additional details of the curriculum can be found in the CMP Student Handbook.

Required Core Courses for CMP include the following:

Course Semester Offered Professor Credits
Path 802 Histology for Translational Scientists Fall 1st year Scott Aesif (Clinical contributor) 3
Path 750- Cellular & Molecular Biology/Pathology Spring 1st year Donna Peters, Shelby O’Connor and Tyler Ulland 3
Path 803- Pathogenesis of Major Human Diseases Fall 2nd year Zsuzsanna Fabry and Matyas Sandor 3
Pathology 809- Prelim A course

Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

Spring 2nd year David Evans 2
Pathology 901- Student Seminar Course Fall/Spring Student-run 1
Pathology 900- Pathology Seminar Series Fall/Spring Matyas Sandor 0
Professional Development Courses and workshops, Ethics continuous CMP trainers 1
RCR: introductory and advanced Fall and Spring CMP trainers 1-2
Statistics Spring 1st year Karl Broman 2
Rigor and Reproducibility Fall 2nd year Course under development 1

Students must also take at least one of the following courses or equivalent courses approved by the student’s mentoring committee:

Course Semester Offered Professor Credits
Pathology 751- Cell & Molecular Biology of Aging Fall Craig Atwood 3
Pathology 807- Immunopathology Spring Matyas Sandor and William Karpus 2
Path 970 — genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics: a deep dive into omics data analysis Spring Thomas Raife (Clinical contributor) 2
Clinical genomics and Big Data Spring Gopal Iyer (under development) 2

MSTP CMP Curriculum

CMP does not have any core coursework requirements for MSTP students but students may take courses if they choose to do so (Ethics and Professional Development training is covered in MD curriculum).
Students should enroll in Path 901, CMP’s student seminar, but MSTP students are only required to attend 4 meetings/semester (50% of meetings).
We do not require MSTP students to attend our Path 900 seminar recognizing they will attend those seminars and journal clubs that relate to their research.