Ahmad, Nihal

1) cancer biology, and 2) prevention and experimental therapeutics of cancer

Alexander, Caroline

Mammary stem cells; Mouse mammary tumor models; Wnt signaling; Syndecan-1

Andes, David R.

Antimicrobial resistance development and therapy, Fungal pathogenesis, Candida biofilm pathogenesis and resistance, preclinical anti-infective drug development

Arendt, Lisa M.

Breast cancer, tumor/stromal interactions, cancer stem cells, mammary stem cells, Human-in-Mouse Model, inflammation and tumor microenvironment, adipose stem cells

Attie, Alan

Genetics of type 2 diabetes and lipid metabolism

Atwood, Craig

Aging; endocrinology; development; degenerative diseases of the central nervous system

Bendlin, Barbara

Aging; Alzheimer’s disease, Neurobiology of Disease, Behavior and Cognition