Klein, Bruce

The Klein laboratory is a molecular medical mycology research group with two broad areas of focus: fungal pathogenesis and immunology.

McNeel, Douglas

Dr. Douglas McNeel, MD PhD is a genitourinary medical oncologist with a translational laboratory research focus on prostate cancer immunology. Since 1997 he and his laboratory have studied vaccines for prostate cancer, specifically identifying antigens to target in vaccines, evaluating DNA vaccines in murine models to elicit tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells, and translating these studies to human clinical trials.

Morris, Zachary

Immunomodulation of the tumor microenvironment with radiation therapy; novel approaches to in situ cancer vaccination

Nett, Jeniel

The host response to biofilm infections, with the goal of devising new approaches for diagnosis and treatment of these common infections.

O’Connor, David

Interactions between host genetics, cellular immunity, and infectious disease pathogenesis, with a primary emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

O’Connor, Shelby

Host and vaccine-elicited immune responses to SIV/HIV; Changes to SIV/HIV host immune responses during co-infection with a second pathogen