Daniel Matson

Credentials: MD, PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: drmatson@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 265-4377

Room 1770 WIMR
Department of Pathology & Lab Medicine
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Matson Lab


MD – University of Virginia
PhD – University of Virginia


Disorders of the blood and bone marrow are of great public health significance. During development and in the adult bone marrow, a relatively small number of critical transcription factors promote complex and diverse cellular processes to bring about faithful and timely hematopoiesis. The mechanisms by which these factors interface with chromatin to modulate gene expression, and the partner factors that are critical for this function, are the primary research focus of the Matson Laboratory.


The research in my lab focuses on understanding how factors interface with chromatin to promote efficient and timely hematopoiesis. While the hematopoiesis field has classically focused largely on a relatively small number of bona fide transcription factors, the true number and scope of the proteins that work on chromatin to promote critical transcriptional programs is not known. My lab utilizes approaches ranging from in vitro biochemistry to whole animal studies to uncover these factors and then rigorously investigate the mechanisms by which they regulate diverse cellular processes. An example of a current project in my lab is identifying how the origin replication machinery interfaces with key hematopoietic transcription factors like GATA2. We and our collaborators have identified ChIPseq peaks for GATA2 that fall within early origin initiation zones, and interesting these sites lack consensus binding sequences for GATA2. As cell cycle control has been implicated as a mechanism that can modulate cell fate decisions, and GATA2 is critical for the development of the hematopoietic system and maintenance of the bone marrow in adults, we aim to better understand whether crosstalk between these two processes is occurring at sites of replication origins.
A core purpose of my laboratory also includes working to translate laboratory findings into the clinic, and as a practicing hematopathologist I maintain a strong connection to both benign and malignant patient tissue repositories. Our overarching goal is to discover new biology that improves our understanding of hematopoiesis and informs the development of future clinical diagnostics and patient therapies.



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