Gaelen Hess

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: (608) 890-3018

1111 Highland Avenue
West Wedge 2768
Madison, WI 53703

2768 WIMR
The Hess Lab


PhD Harvard University

Research Summary

High-throughput functional genomics to investigate DNA repair, transcriptional regulation, and pathogenic effectors

Research Detail

We use high-throughput screening platforms and next-generation sequencing to perform functional genomics in mammalian cells. We use these technologies to explore how genotypes are related to human health, including disease state and treatment response. These tools are broadly applicable, but our lab uses them to explore mammalian DNA repair and transcriptional regulation, common targets for therapeutic intervention in cancer. In addition to identifying new machinery, we investigate how host and pathogenic factors perturb these processes and alter the response to therapeutic strategies.

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