Mahua Key

Credentials: MD

Position title: Assistant Professor Department of Neurological Surgery, Director of Surgical Neuro-oncology, University of Wisconsin Madison


Clinical Science Center, 600 Highland Ave

Research Summary

As a physician-scientist, at UWSMPH and the Director of Surgical Neuro-oncology, I have the dedication, expertise and commitment to execute this project successfully. My overall research experience lies in neurosurgery, cancer immunology, with the emphasis on identifying novel targets to develop an effective immunotherapeutic strategy against brain cancer. Currently, my laboratory focuses on studying the mechanism of central nervous system antigen presentation as well as tumor infiltrating T-cell function with the goal of developing novel immunotherapies using multi-modal combination approaches for malignant brain tumors using pre-clinical mice models of glioma. Leveraging on my clinical expertise with focused clinical practice in resecting brain tumors I have created a well annotate prospective malignant brain tumor tissue bank and database. This valuable resource combined with the genomic analysis and bioinformatics expertise available at UW I am uniquely positioned to leverage patient data to create a novel computational pipeline for predicting precision personalized neoantigen that will form the foundation for next gen personalized neoantigen vaccine trial.