Thaddeus Golos, MS, PhD

Portrait of Thaddeus Golos, MS, PhD
Comparative Biosciences
115 Wisconsin Primate Center
1223 Capitol Ct
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 263-3567; (608) 263-3537
Focus Groups: 
PhD, Physiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS, Physiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Summary: 
Placental and endometrial biology, the maternal-fetal interface in health and disease, nonhuman primate embryology and genetic modification for human disease models.
Research Detail: 

The Golos lab has pioneered the use of the nonhuman primate model in reproductive immunology and the placental expression and regulation of nonclassical MHC class I molecules. Study of the maternal-fetal immune dialogue includes nonpolymorphic MHC class I molecules expression on placental cells and their interactions with the maternal immune system, particularly endometrial natural killer cells and macrophages in promoting pregnancy success, including effects on placental and endometrial differentiation and vascularization. Recent studies have developed models with immune-mediated pregnancy loss and placental insufficiency in the rhesus. The impact of bacterial pathogens on pregnancy utilizes nonhuman primate in vivo Listeria monocytogenes and Porphyromonas gingivalis infection. He is collaborating with colleagues in Ob-Gyn and Medical Physics to apply magnetic resonance imaging methodologies to primate models of inflammation and adverse pregnancy outcomes. In addition, a multifaceted team of investigators at UW-Madison are conducting a range of studies of Zika virus infection in nonhuman primates, and the Golos lab is leading study of Zika-infected pregnancies in the rhesus model.


Previous experience with nonhuman primate in vitro fertilization is also being used to develop novel models of human disease through iPSC generation, transgenesis,  and genomic editing, as well as to study Zika virus sexual transmission and impact on fertility and embryonic development.

Selected Publications: 
Slukvin, I.I., D.P. Lunn, D.I. Watkins, and T.G. Golos. 2000. Expression of the non-classical MHC class I molecule Mamu-Ag at implantation in the rhesus monkey. PNAS 97:9104-9109, PMCID: PMC16829.
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S.V. Dambaeva, M. Durning, A.E. Rozner, and T.G. Golos. 2012. Immunophenotype and Cytokine Profiles of Rhesus Monkey CD56bright and CD56dim Decidual Natural Killer (NK) Cells. Biol. Reprod. 86: 1-10. PMCID: PMC3313663