Transfer Students

Students Transferring from Another PhD Program on Campus

  1. Student must submit his/her original application materials to the CMP program along with official transcripts from the student's undergraduate university and his/her current graduate transcript.
  2. Student must be reviewed and accepted by the Recruitment Committee. The CMP office will write an official letter to the student notifying them of the decision.
  3. If student enters the program at a time other than during the normal fall entrance time, they must be directly admitted to a CMP trainer’s lab and the trainer must agree to fund them throughout the course of their studies. (See direct admit).

Students with a Master's Degree or PhD

Students that have already completed another Masters/Ph.D. program on the UW-Madison campus must apply to the CMP program as a new student.

Students Transferring with an Incoming Professor

  1. Faculty member should apply to be a trainer in the CMP program.
  2. Student will be accepted as a direct admit into the trainer’s lab