Program Benefits


All students will receive an annual stipend for $26,000 (pre-tax) for the 2015-2016 year for a 12-month appointment. It is the intention of the program to continue to award this stipend as a research assistantship throughout the student’s PhD studies. During the rotation period, the stipend will be funded by the department. Once the student has selected a laboratory, the primary investigator will fund the student from their grant funding.

To receive the stipend, the student must maintain fulltime student status throughout their training. Fulltime status for a pre-doctoral non-dissertator student is considered 8-15 credits per semester.


The student’s tuition is remitted by the department during rotations and by the primary investigator once a thesis lab has been selected. Students should not receive a tuition bill if they are enrolled fulltime.

If you receive a tuition bill, contact Joanne Thornton (; 608-262-2665) in the Department Office as soon as possible to clear up the mistake. Failure to do so will make you responsible for a $100 non-refundable fee issued by the university for late tuition payment. Visit the Bursar's Office website for deadlines and late fee information.

Segregated Fees

All Research Assistants are responsible for paying their own segregated fees. (Students on training grants and fellowships do not pay segregated fees.) This is a mandatory fee of approximately $556 imposed by the University that must be paid each semester to cover the cost of student union membership, bus passes, university health services, student organizations on campus, use of the recreational buildings, etc.

Payment can be made either online at MyUW or at the Bursar’s Office (333 East Campus Mall #10501; office hours: 7:45am - 4:30pm). Failure to do so will result in a $100 non-refundable late fee issued by the university. Visit the Registrar's Office website for details.

Health Insurance

Graduate students and their spouses and children are eligible for state health insurance benefits at minimal cost. Contact Ruth Boynton (; 608-262-1189) for further information regarding health benefits.

Turn in your health insurance application to the department office by August 26 to be covered beginning September 1.

Another health care option, University Health Services (UHS), is available to University students for appointments and consultations free of charge. (Call 608-265-5600 or go online for an appointment.) UHS does not cover hospitalization, prescriptions, or emergency room fees.

Additional Benefits

A research assistantship also awards additional benefits such as life insurance, dental insurance, etc. Please contact Ruth Boynton (; 608-262-1189) for more information concerning these benefits.